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The university takes pride in developing professional attitude among its graduating student. Therefore, in order to encourage student’s participation and improve quality of education, the authorities have decided to recognize best projects each year in each department and award them accordingly. Following rules shall apply while recognizing best projects.

  1. Five cash prize equivalent to PKR 30,000 each along with certificate and shield for the group members shall be awarded in each discipline. Moreover, the department shall keep the shield inscribed with the names of the group members. 
  2. The award shall be recommended by a selection committee comprising of the following personals.
    a. Chairman of the respective Department Convener 
    b. One member from other University Member
    c. One expert from the field Member
  3. The date for the selection of best project shall be announced by the Convener well in advance.
  4. Each group shall be represented by a chosen leader which will be responsible for the organization and presentation of the project to staff members and final year students.
  5. Any individual or group that has undertaken a project shall be eligible to compete for the award
  6. The selection committee shall take various components into consideration, such as nature and quality of the project, the quality of presentation to the audience, and the engineering and analytical input to the work, while evaluating a project.
  7. The project to be eligible for the award of cash prize, it is required that the obtained marks awarded by the committee to a project is equal to or above the threshold set by the authorities.