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The University of Engineering & Technology Mardan was established in 2018, and is the second Public Sector Engineering university in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with a mission of providing quality education and preparing students to tackle the challenges of the industry. From its inception, UET Mardan has remained dedicated to serving the community by utilizing projects to solve local problems and further the common good. In a short time, UET Mardan has achieved significant success and continues to innovate through new programs that offer a contemporary curriculum, research opportunities, student engagement, practical training, faculty development, international collaborations, progress towards a state-of-the-art campus building, and industry partnerships.
I am pleased to note that UET Mardan has made remarkable progress in higher education by adding modern infrastructure and facilities that foster a conducive atmosphere for knowledge transfer. The university has introduced innovative research in various technologies, particularly in emerging engineering fields, to promote a high academic standard and technological advancement. It is commendable that UET Mardan is addressing the engineering technology void that has existed for several decades.
As Chancellor, I hope that UET Mardan continues its commitment to transforming its students into valuable graduates who will catalyze Pakistan's industrial and economic progress. I am confident that the university's unwavering commitment to technology research, education, and fostering a culture of innovation will ensure its continued success in the future.