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As evident from its name, the Department of Natural Sciences and Humanities (DNSH) has been established to manage all the general education courses of the professional degree programs of the University of Engineering and Technology Mardan. The NHS department has a proficient team of expertise to its credit who not only teaches their respective subjects but also actively involves in noncurricular and administrative activities. The department is fully committed to support all the degree awarding programs of the University in the accomplishment of their respective goals and also helps to propel the institution towards its vision and mission. The NHS faculty has been an integral part of the University of Engineering and Technology Mardan since its inception, and it not only remains to be an essential part of it till the date but also aims to serve its great purpose for the coming promising years. The Department is striving to further extend its support to the University by launching multiple undergrad/postgrad degree awarding programs of its own through its highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Department Vision

The Vision of the Natural Sciences & Humanities:
To adapt to the requirements of general education, instruction - communication, diversity, global perspective, interdisciplinary schooling- with those of the major.

Academic Programs

The Department of Natural Sciences & Humanities offers the following programs:

  • BS English (Literature & Linguistic).
  • MS Mathematics.