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Values and believe are the key components that play an important role in the achievement of university goals. Our values include the following:

  • Services: Each member of the UET Mardan community is committed to serve the cause of education in its true spirit in their respective spheres.
  • Social Justice: UET Mardan believe in equal opportunity to each members of its community, their meaningful participation in the decision making and access to needed information’s.
  • Personal worth and dignity: We at UET Mardan promote mutual respect/caring environments amongst the three pillars of the university including faculty, administrational personal and students. 
  • Integrity: Members of the UET Mardan community are expected to be aware of the university’s mission and vision. They must act honestly and responsibly for promoting the mission.
  • Competence: Faculty and administrative staff of the UET Mardan must continuously enhance their professional knowledge and skill. Keep themselves updated of the latest development in the area of their interest.    
  • Discipline: Discipline is a key to success in all walks of life. No society or institution can prosper smoothly without proper discipline. We at the UET Mardan have strong belief in the observance of punctuality, physical, moral and intellectual discipline in letter and spirit in each cadre/section of the university.
  • Faculty efficacy: UET Mardan faculty members have strong commitments to their profession, students, colleagues, public/society and employer.
  • Facilitation in student learning
  • Professional and caring administration.
  • Individual, departmental, and organizational accountability