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S.No Type of Scholarship Description
1 MS Research Grant/Thesis Rs. 50,000/ per student per year. 
2 PhD Scholar Research Grant Rs. 80,000/ per student per year. 
3 Monthly Stipend to PhD Student Rs. 35,000/ per student per month. 
4 MS Indigenous Scholarship Rs. 165,000/ per student (one time). 
5 PhD Indigenous Scholarship Rs. 200,000/ per student (one time).


Student Testimonial

"I am privileged to be a PhD student at the Department of Telecommunication Engineering. The faculty members are experienced and working on multiple research areas. I am availing the monthly stipend Scholarship for my PhD study at UET Mardan. It is like a full time job, and the responsibilities as Research Assistant and my PhD coursework are well balanced. This scholarship enables me to not only fund my PhD study, but also gain relevant academic work experience."

Rizwan Ullah,

PhD Scholar,

UET Mardan