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The university offers free-ship in tuition fee, based upon the recommendations of the Scholarship Award Committee, to well deserving students. Besides, in case of two or more siblings studying in the University, the one in the lowest class shall pay half of the tuition fees. However, students already availing any other form of financial assistance from any source shall be deemed ineligible for fee concession.

The university authorities are very sensitive to the conduct and good behavior of its students, and therefore, may cancel the scholarship of a student anytime if the awardee is found guilty of any form of misconduct or misrepresentation. The university may also report their misconduct to sponsors outside UET Mardan and their application forms for scholarship shall not be signed or recommended by the department. No student, if ever committed an act of indiscipline, shall be offered any scholarship/financial assistance by UET Mardan. Moreover, the university highly discourages double financial benefits of any sort such as scholarships, financial assistance and financial aid from any source; hence, no student shall be allowed to take double financial benefits.

The university encourages students from the Erstwhile-FATA to apply for scholarships available to them from relevant agencies. Students of settled areas are also allowed to approach their respective local, provincial and federal agencies for any sort of financial aid or scholarship.