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The following agencies provide financial assistance to deserving students on merit/in affordability basis:

  1. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project
  2. Professional Education Foundation
  3. Pakistan Engineering Congress
  4. Mora Scholarship from zakat fund
  5. HEC Need-based scholarships
  6. Omer Hayat Trust fund
  7. Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation
  8. USAID Merit & Need Based Scholarships
  9. HEC German Need-Based Scholarships
  10. Diya Foundation Scholarships diyapakorg
  11. London Foundation Scholarships
  12. National Bank of Pakistan Loan Scheme
  13. Chief Minister Scholarships for needy students
  14. Fast Cables Merit Scholarships
  15. JICA Endowment Fund Scholarships for needy students
  16. Prime Minister National ICT Scholarships
  17. Bait Ul Mal Scholarship
  18. Scholarship for Petroleum Production Areas