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Students must show satisfactory academic progress in order to remain in good standing. The following rules are meant to ensure that students get timely feedback on their academic progress:

  1. A student who obtains SGPA of 2.0 or less in any semester shall be issued a written warning by the department chairman. A copy of the warning letter shall also be sent to the parents/guardian.
  2. A student who obtains SGPA of 2.00 or less for three consecutive regular semesters and his/ her CGPA is less than 2.00, will required to re-register until he/she improves CGPA to the minimum requirement for graduation. A written warning of this possibility will be sent to the student (with a copy to parents/ guardian) if his/her SGPA is less than 2.00 for two consecutive semesters.
  3. A student whose CGPA in the first two semesters is less than 1.5 shall not be allowed to register for the third semester until his/her CGPA has improved to 1.5 or more.
  4. A student who has earned three of more F grades in the first two semesters and these F grades are still outstanding at the start of the 5th semester shall not be allowed to register in the 5th semester until he/she passes these courses.
  5. A student must graduate within seven years to be eligible for registration with Pakistan Engineering Council. The student, who has to re-register as per Rule (11) are required to fulfill this requirement. Any student of the University, who breaches this requirement of Pakistan Engineering Council due to any reason, whatsoever, shall submit an affidavit to take the responsibility that he/she could not complete his/her degree requirement within stipulated time as required by the Pakistan Engineering Council and university will have no responsibility to this effect.