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Events Details

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology Mardan hosted a seminar on "Enhancing Traffic Safety" on 22nd May 2024 in the Seminar Hall of UET Mardan.

The seminar was delivered by a team from the Patrolling Department of Motorway Police, consisting of DSP/CPO Anees ud Din, SPO Islam Danish, and APO Mashal Awan. They shared their expertise on various aspects of traffic safety, emphasizing the crucial role of understanding and education regarding road markings in guiding drivers, reducing accidents, and minimizing distractions.

Afterwards, Dr. M. Alam elaborated on the role of engineers in enhancing road safety and minimizing distractions while driving, which are major causes of road accidents.

The seminar included a Q&A session in which students' queries were addressed. A traffic safety quiz was conducted by the Motorway Police officials at the end of the seminar. The correct respondents were awarded prizes, making the seminar an interactive and rewarding experience.

The seminar concluded with a call for a multi-faceted approach to enhancing road safety, combining engineering, education, enforcement, and environmental considerations. Faculty members and students from different departments of the university attended the seminar and found the discussions informative and insightful.