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Events Details

Sports is an integral phenomenon for the wellbeing of humans, especially in the academics of students, and is immensely complementing for their jam-packed routines. Therefore, a sport week was celebrated from Nov 9 till Nov 13, 2020. The event was organized by the Directorate of Sports Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed.

Keeping the intrinsic impact of sports in mind, UET Mardan ensures sports facilities from time to time. The facilities include: Directorate of sports, grounds and courts for outdoor sports, and also spaces for indoor games. These events have improved overall skills of our student and set them towards healthy competition. Due to sports, their teamwork, management, sport spirits, leadership skills and coping mechanisms have improved over all these years. Most importantly, we are not only academically helping our students grow but also molding their characters.

Lastly, sports in our university improves the overall wellbeing of our students and endorses fitness. We give opportunities and facilities to our students not only to make them feel fresh, energized, toned, and strong but also for their overall physical and mental strength.