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Events Details

A one day awareness and training session was held in University of Engineering & Technology, Mardan by the Office of District Emergency Rescue 1122 Mardan on Friday, February 21, 2020. Mr Saadat Khan, trainer from Rescue 1122 conducted the session in collaboration with Engr. Imran Maqsood, Assistant Professor, Computer Software Engineering, UET Mardan. The session was attended by the faculty, staff and students.

The session intended to provide extensive training on emergency situation handling, first aid, safety assurance and equipment & tool handling. Rescue 1122 team explained different scenarios and practically demonstrated coping mechanism for emergency situations. Different scenarios and their consequences were explained and light was shed on the recommended responses. Extensive explanation of these practices and step-by-step demonstration of the situation was explained by the instructor. At the end of training, the organizers were appreciated.  

First Aid and Emergency Response Training covered the following emergency situations:

  1. Stopping the flow of bleeding or Management of the bleeding control skills (Internal bleeding and external bleeding).
  2. Shock and types of the shock, Management of the shock.
  3. Air Way management, (head tilt and chin left, jaw thrust).
  4. Initial Assessment of the patient /victim.
  5. Recovery position.
  6. Adult CPR, INFANT and child
  7. FBAO of Adult, Infant, Child, Pregnant women and obese victim.
  8. Fracture Management.
  9. Electric shock management.
  10. Drowning case management.
  11. Burn case management.
  12. Triage system.
  13. Casualty Handling and Transportation Techniques.
  14. Snake Bite case Management.
  15. Chest injury management and Abdomen.
  16. Fire Management.