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  • Name
    Naznina Hakim Khan

  • Personal

    I have great communication skills and I have the ability to communicate spontaneously on any occasion. I have done off the cuff presentations effectively and successfully. I am not only an avid reader who loves to read blogs and books but also a keen observer of body language and nonverbal cues. Besides, I can manage and lead teams, I can work under pressure and can manage stress and time well. Lastly, I have great work ethics and empathy.

    Email address: 

  • Experience

    13 years of Teaching Experience

    Teaching : 2008 - till the date , University of Engineering & Technology ,Mardan

  • Qualification

    MPhil in Progress

  • Brief Statement of Research Interest

    Sociolinguistic Analysis of the language spoken by two different generations.

  • Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

    I have worked as a media correspondent, Director media UET and as a correspondent in World Bank.