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  • Personal

    Cell #03489222944

  • Experience

    1. Lecturer in Mathematics at Institute of Business and Management Sciences,

    Computer Sciences (IBMS/CS) Agricultural University Peshawar, KPK, Peshawar (10th, February 2000 to 1st September, 2004).

    2. Lecturer in Mathematics on regular basis at Department of Natural Sciences and Humanities, University of Engineering and Technology Mardan  Campus Peshawar/ University of Engineering and Technology Mardan,  KPK, Pakistan, (11th, September 2004, till date (Continue)).

  • Qualification

    M.Sc. : University of Peshawar, Department of Mathematics.

    , M.Phil.: University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Department of Basic Sciences and Islamite.

     PhD:  Hoahi University, Nanjing China, College of Mechanics and Materials.

  • Honor and Awards

    Best researcher award during Ph.D.

  • Memberships

    IEEE Member

  • Service Activity

    Wardan, Sports Director, Member of senate

  • Brief Statement of Research Interest

    Radial Basis Function Approximation Approach for the Solution of Variational PDE-Based Image Denoising Problems.

  • Publications

    SCI Journals

      • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Ahmed B. Altamimi, Zawar Hussain Khan, Khurram Shehzad Khattak, Asmat Ullah, Murtaza Ali. Multiquadratic radial basis function approximation scheme for solution of total variation based multiplicative noise removal model, Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, vol: 126(1), pp.55--88, 2021. Doi: 10.32604/cmes.2021.011163. (I.F: 0.805)
      • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Ahmed B. Altamimi, Zawar Hussain Khan, Khurram Shehzad Khattak, Murtaza Ali, Asmat Ullah, Sheraz Khan, Sohail Khan, Muhmmad Faisal Abrar. Total Variation Filter Via Multiquadric Radial Basis Function Approximation Scheme for Additive Noise Removal,  IEEE Access 8: 88241--88258 (2020). (I.F: 4.640)

    Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Wen Chen, Asmat Ullah. Meshfree Digital Total Variation Based Algorithm for Multiplicative Noise Removal,

      • Journal of Information Science and Engineering, vol: 34(6), PP.1441-1468, 2018. (I.F: 0.85)
      • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan , Wen Chen , Asmat Ullah, and Lin Ji . Euler’s Elastic and Curvature Based Model for Image Restoration, PLOS ONE, vol:13(9):e0202464. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0202464., 2018. (I.F: 2.776)
      • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Wen Chen , Asmat Ullah, Zhuojia Fu. A mesh-free algorithm for ROF model, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, vol: 53, PP.1—16. Doi: 10.1186/s13634-017-0488-6., 2017.  (I.F:1.774)
      • Sahib Khan, Muhammad Abeer Irfan, Khalil Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Tawab Khan, Rehan Ullah Khan, Muhammad Fazal Ijaz. ACO Based Variable Least Significant Bits Data Hiding in Edges Using IDIBS Algorithm. Symmetry 12(5): 781 (2020). (I.F:2.645)
      • Jalal Khan, Daniyal Ali Sehrai, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Haseeb Ahmad Khan, Salman Ahmad, Arslan Ali, Arslan Arif, Anwer Ahmad Memon, Sahib Khan. Design and Performance Comparison of Rotated Y-Shaped Antenna Using Different Metamaterial Surfaces for 5G Mobile Devices, Computers, Materials and Continua, Vol.60(2), pp. 409--420, 2019. (I.F: 4.89)
      • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, HongGuang Sun. A New Variational Approach for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal, PLOS ONE, vol.12(1), PP. 1--26, 2017.  (I.F: 2.766)
      • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. A New Variational Approach for Restoring Images with Multiplicative Noise, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, vol: 71, PP. 2034--2050, 2016. (I.F: 1.762)
      • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, HongGuang Sun, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. A Modified Multigrid Algorithm for a Novel Variational Model to Remove Multiplicative Noise, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, vol:40, PP. 485—501, 2016. (I.F: 2.986)
      • Zhuo-Jia Fu, Sergiy Reutskiy, Hong-Guang Sun, Ji Ma, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. A robust kernel-based solver for variable-order time fractional PDEs under 2D/3D irregular domains, Applied Mathematics Letters, Vol. 94, pp. 105-111, 2019. (I.F: 1.457)
      • Muhammad Faisal Ibrar, Sikandar Ali, Muhammad Faran Majeed, Sohial Khan, Muzamil Khan, Hamid Ullah, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Samad Baseer, Muhammad Asshad. A Framework for Modeling Structural Association Among De-Motivators of Scaling Agile, Journal of Software Evaluation and Process, Vol. 33(8), pp. 105-111, 2021. (I.F: 1.178).

        HEC Recognized Journals:


        • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Zawar H. Khan, Haseeb Khan, Sheraz Khan, and Sohail Khan. Collocation Method for Multiplicative Noise Removal Model, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol: 39, PP. 734 - 743, 2020.
        • Mushtaq Ahmad khan, Hussein Omar Khan, Sheraz Khan, Z H Khan, Murtaza Ali, Multiquadric Radial Basis Approximation for Speckle Noise Removal, Pakistan Journal of Sciences, vol: 71(4), PP. 222--229, 2019.
        • Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Haseeb Khan, Sheraz Khan, Murtza Ali, Zawar Hussain Khan, Jalal Khan, Khurram Khattak. Total Variation and Fractional Order based Model for Image Restoration, Pakistan Journal of Sciences, vol: 71(4), PP: 241--245, 2019.
        • Amir Iftikhar, Zawar H. Khan, T. Aaron Gulliver, Khurram S. Khattak, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Murtaza Ali, Nasru Minallah. Macroscopic Traffic Flow Characterization at Bottlenecks, Civil Engineering Journal, vol: 6(7), PP. 1227--1242, 2019.
        • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, HongGuang Sun. An Efficient Variational Method for Restoring Images with Combined Additive and Multiplicative Noise, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, vol:3, PP. 1999--2019, 2017.
        • Muhammad Sohail Khan, Syed Inam Ayub, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Muhmmad Afaq, Fazia Tila. Machine Learning for Content-based Detection of Spam SMS in Local Languages: A Preliminary classification of Romanized Urdu Massages, Pakistan Journal of Sciences, vol:71(1), PP. 1--5, 2019.
        • Muhmmad Umer, Zawar Hussain Khan, Waseem Imran, Saad Saeed, Khurram Shahzad Khattak, Kamran Azam, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. Behavioral Analysis of LWR Model Under Different Equilibrium Velocity Distributions, Pakistan Journal of Sciences, vol:71(4), PP. 194--199, 2019.
        • Ali Khan, Khuram Khattak, Zawar Hussain Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Nasro Minallah. Cyber Physical System for Vehicle Counting and Emission Monitoring. International Journal of Advanced Computer Research, vol:10(50), PP. 181--193, 2020.
        • Sajid Khan, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Faiza Tila. Online Presence of Pakistani Population and Suitability Analysis of the Internet Channels for Localized and Targeted Services, Pakistan Journal of Sciences, vol: 9(12), PP. 53--40, 2020.
      • Conference Papers:

        Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Wen Chen, Asmat Ullah. Higher-Order Variational Multiplicative Noise Removal Model, IEEE International Conference on Computer and Computational Sciences (ICCCS), 
        • France.  DOI: 10.1109/ICCACS.2015.7361334
        • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. Multiplicative noise removal through fractional order tv-based model and fast numerical schemes for its approximation, Ninth International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2017).
        • Asmat Ullah, Wen Chen, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. Fracto-Integer Order Total Variation Based Multiplicative Noise Removal Model, IEEE, Conference 2015, China. DOI: 10.1109/ICIST.2015.7288960

  • Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

    We will combine meshless schemes with fractional derivates for the best numerical solution of variational based PDEs in image processing such as image denoising, dehazing, deblurring, segmentation and face recognition.

  • Selected Professional Presentations

    1. Higher order PDE-based models for image restoration and its difficulties using Mesh-based conventional Techniques and its solution through meshless techniques.

    2. Importance of meshless and fractional orders techniques for enhancing image restoration.